A Return to the Smithery

It’s true.  We’re sabersmithing again.  It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  I’ve been busy with the end of the semester and getting the “kids” their grades.  Gregg has been busy being a broody Sith wannabe.  But all that ended today.  We finally both had some time and were able to get together and work on a saber.
In the end, it wasn’t a terribly difficult project; just an MR Vader ESB conversion. But we think it came out pretty damn good!  We got a replica MPP clamp from Parks because we really wanted to get rid of that nasty plastic MR version. It seemed simple enough, but it of course was slightly more difficult.  It too some finagling to get the switch to work, as we couldn’t use the stock MR bubbles, etc.  We got through it, however, and it works great now.  It’s just a bit tight now– but in a good way, as it isn’t nearly as easy to accidentally turn off while spinning or dueling.  And the stock plastic bladeholder was replaced with one of the newer TCSS conversion kits— which makes it one hell of a beefy saber!  There are still some of the little details to finish up (the ornamental wires and so forth), but it’s mostly done.
So there ya go.  One fine day of sabersmithing.  It was fun.  Now if I could just get around to wiring up those damn UltraSounds…

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