A Tremor in the Force… from France(!)

Crystal Focus Saber Core… the mere words send chills up any sabersmith’s spine.  It really is the Holy Grail of lightsaber sound/light controllers.  And there is a new batch of them on sale today.  There are apparently only 100 to go around this time, so the Jedi (or Sith) who get their hands on these will be few.  I, of course, am hoping to be one of those few.
It’s been a long time since I first submitted my design for my personal saber to Ryan over at Random Sabers, and I’ve been slowly but surely moving up the queue.  I’d say there are about 25 sabers a head of me.  And when Ryan does get to my saber, I want one of Erv’s boards to power it.  (While 25 sabers might still seem like quite a bit to get through, the CF boards are offered only once in a rare while, and I’m not sure if there’ll be another batch before my saber goes into production– so I figure the time to grab a board is now!)
I have to be completely honest here and say that I’m not completely optimistic that I’ll snag one of these things today… but I am hopeful.  So let’s hope that the Force is with all of us today… at least, all of us who are seeking the technological marvel that is the Crystal Focus Saber Core.
I’ll update this a bit later, and let you guys know how the fates treated me…
* * * UPDATE! * * *
Ah… fortune has smiled.  While I missed snagging one of the boards in the first round, when the second batch came up, I got one.  Very lucky indeed.  The first batch went on sale at 8pm Paris time, and by 8:02, they were already gone.  Acquiring one of these things is harder than getting Super Bowl tickets.  But I’ll have one now.  All I have to do it wait until it arrives.  …um, and wait until I have the saber in which to put it.  Yeah.

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